Jersey Sport – Sport Stands Against Sexual Violence

Jersey Sport and local clubs to raise awareness of support for survivors of sexual violence

 This week we will be tackling rape myths and raising awareness with Jersey Sport. 


“Why didn’t they just tell the police?”

“They should have reported it.”




“They never said anything.”

“Wouldn’t someone speak up straight away?”






“They don’t have any bruises.”

“They don’t look injured.”

“Wouldn’t you look like you fought back?”

Our penultimate myth of the week – if the victim does not have visible injuries, then they must be lying or exaggerating. This is simply untrue.






“They had a few drinks, but they didn’t say no.”

“They had taken stuff but must have known what they were doing.”

“They didn’t scream.”

“They went out and drank/took drugs so they put themselves in a dangerous situation.”

“Everyone knows better than to get in that state, what did they think would happen?”

There are so many myths surrounding sexual violence and rape when alcohol and or drugs are involved. None of them are excuses to rape or sexually assault someone.

This is our final myth busting post with Jersey Sport. We want to say a huge thanks to them for teaming up with us to help breakdown some myths and raise awareness.





Jersey Sport and local clubs to raise awareness of support for survivors of sexual violence

Thursday 25th October

Sports clubs in Jersey will join forces next week to send a powerful message and raise awareness about the on-island support available for survivors of sexual violence.

Local charity Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) has teamed up with Jersey Sport for the week of action, which will see JAAR representatives on hand with information for spectators and players at local matches. Meanwhile, leading sports figures and teams from the island will pose for photos with a “Sport Stands Against Sexual Violence” banner. Social media will also be used to bust the many myths surrounding sexual assaults.

“There’s a lot of misinformation out there and we want to use this week to help people understand the truth around this subject,” said JAAR chairperson Sara McIntosh.

“We’re pleased to be working with Jersey Sport and local clubs to raise awareness and help us in our work to prevent and heal the trauma of rape and sexual assault.”

JAAR provides a support framework for survivors and their families, including a dedicated helpline (01534 482800), website, counselling services and access to specially-trained counsellors.

“Sport has the ability to change lives, bring people together for a common cause, and its top performers are looked up to as role models,” added Jersey Sport CEO Catriona McAllister.

“We’re confident the power of sport will be used to raise awareness of the good work JAAR is doing, and we’re delighted to be working with them.”

Clubs or sports group wishing to show their support should contact Jersey Sport on 01534 757700 to arrange a time to be photographed with the campaign banner.