Messages From those we have helped

“Your charity means so much to us; it listened when no one else would.

My wife is an incredible person, for what she has been through it would have ended most people, X was so supportive and understanding with her guiding her on the right road to recovery.  I don’t think you truly ever get over it but with the right support it becomes manageable.

Once again I thank you for the support, we have a young family and without your organisation my wife would not be here and my children would not have a mother, a true fact.”

April 2016


“You guys where fantastic!”


“I had hidden a secret which I never wanted to reveal or accept.   Six weeks ago, this secret came out some thirty years later.  With the amazing help from a wonderful JAAR counsellor, I have become to recognise that I had been wronged.   JAAR gently helped me to recognise, accept and more importantly realise I am a survivor, not a victim.  I do not honestly know who I would have been able to turn to for support.  They have and continue to help me through the steps to heal myself.   Thank you JAAR for your sympathetic support not only for me, but to my husband”. 

November 2016


When I arrived at JAAR  I felt utterly broken and violated, and in total despair and in a continual state of panic. With counselling I have found the courage to stand up to my abuser and to recognise that what he did was not normal and his behaviour was extremely abusive both physically and emotionally. The service was there at a very dark time in my life, through counselling I feel I have now been given my life back, having transferred the guilt back to him; it has enabled me to take steps to move forward. It was very difficult and at times overwhelming but I had support all the way through. I would urge anyone who has been raped or sexually abused to make contact with JAAR for the invaluable counselling and support they can offer, it really is life changing.

November 16


‘….I just wanted to say a massive thank you to JAAR and particularly to you for the amazing support I’ve been given. Nothing I ever do will repay you for being there when I needed it most’.

March 2016