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JAAR is an independent and confidential service helping people to recover from the trauma of sexual violence.

We are here to prevent and heal the trauma of rape and sexual assault.

We have a dedicated helpline, website and on site counselling with access to qualified and specially trained counsellors and psychotherapists.

JAAR is working to prevent the incidence of rape and sexual assault in Jersey by raising awareness, dispelling the myths surrounding rape and promoting progressive thinking towards survivors of rape and sexual assault.

“I was shocked to understand the lack of support available across Jersey for victims and survivors of sexual assault. JAAR provides invaluable support to those suffering both at the point of crisis and beyond. Nobody should have to go through the trauma of sexual assault alone. I have been happy to support JAAR with a donation to continue their good work”

– Survivor –


Lady Dalton

“Sexual crime is one of the most hideous crimes in our society. Sadly the occurrences of sexual attacks are often unreported and survivors are left to live alone with the trauma and overbearing feeling of guilt. Unfortunately, such vile crimes are just as prevalent in Jersey as anywhere else in the world and for that reason Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) has established a telephone helpline, specific confidential advice and post traumatic counselling to try and help and survivors who may need support. Until we can eradicate sex crime, the work of JAAR is vitally needed in Jersey and I am proud to be their Patron and to offer my unqualified support.”

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