A world without sexual violence


Our Vision is “A world without sexual violence”

JAAR is working to prevent the incidents of rape and sexual assault in Jersey.

How are we doing this?

By raising awareness and educating the general public on the fact and myths surrounding rape and the extreme trauma suffered by survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

Advising the public of the latest thinking, research and treatments available to a survivor and their confidants. The charity will raise awareness of these issues through the use of the media (both traditional and social) as well as organising fundraising events.

We will lobby and work in close conjunction with relevant authorities and organisations in Jersey involved in dealing with rape and sexual abuse including the states of Jersey, the Courts of Jersey, Victim Support, the Probation Department and the States of Jersey Police to ensure that the laws and sentencing regime regarding rape and sexual abuse are appropriate.

We will promote progressive and forward thinking attitudes regarding survivors of rape and sexual abuse.

JAAR has established and maintained relationships with equivalent bodies to the Charity around the world and in particular in the British Isle;

We work with The RAP Project from the UK and Jersey’s primary and secondary schools to raise awareness about personal safety and prevention in areas of rape and sexual assault, whilst examining how pornography and social media influence attitudes, behaviours and expectations in respect of intimacy.