CPD with JAAR, Pre-Trial Therapy (PTT) Training

JAAR is committed to the continued professional development of our counsellors. If you are a professional working with victims and survivors or witnesses of crime, we would like to invite you to join our upcoming Pre-Trial Therapy Training with Jill Swindells of Qual Consultancy.

‘Pre- Trial Therapy’ (PTT) has a lot more relevance to our work as counsellors and therapists than many seem to think. There is an inherent danger in seeing it as a niche specialism, particularly since the introduction of GDPR. PTT may be relevant to any of our clients who have been victims or witnesses of any crime at any time in their lives, regardless of whether they are already involved with the criminal justice system or are seriously intending to report the crime(s) in the future. This is because circumstances, situations and decisions may change – clients might decide to report during or post counselling; clients may end up in court due to someone else reporting; shelved cases might return to court due to new evidence emerging and so on.

If clients who have experienced a crime (whether or not they see themselves as a victim/witness) are unaware of the implications of having ‘generic counselling’ we have failed to fully inform them and work appropriately. We cannot guarantee confidentiality as client notes and records might be requested or subpoenaed. The PTT Guidance has implications for how we ‘should’ work from the outset with all victims and witnesses of crime to achieve fully informed consent; and if too late, how we ‘should’ work as soon as we are aware of the situation regarding Criminal Justice System involvement. 

Hence, prudence is recommended when counselling all potential victims or witnesses of crime at any stage in their quest for recovery and/or justice.   

The workshop covers all you need to know and includes an interactive PowerPoint presentation, detailed handouts for making additional notes, experiential exercises and plentiful resources.  It focuses on adults and highlights the differences for children/young people, pre-trial therapy guidance, but also how it might inform other legal issues/interactions with clients/ stakeholders.

Date: Saturday 14th October 2023

Time: 9.30am – 4.30pm

Venue:  The Royal Hotel, David Place, Saint Helier

Fee: £150 (Full day refreshments provided)

For further information and to book your place, please email kate@jaar.je.

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