The Survivor’s 4K Path: Empowerment Through Healing

Welcome to the Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR) landing page for our latest campaign: “The Survivor’s 4K Path: Empowerment Through Healing.” In solidarity with Sexual Violence Awareness Month in April, we are proud to launch this initiative aimed at providing crucial support and healing opportunities to survivors of sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse inflicts deep emotional and psychological wounds on millions of individuals worldwide. At JAAR, we understand the urgent need for specialised care and support for survivors. That’s why we’ve developed “The Survivor’s 4K Path” campaign, offering survivors a personalised 12-week counselling program to aid in their healing journey.

Our goal is to empower survivors, helping them reclaim their lives and find strength in their journey towards healing. Through this campaign, corporates are invited to sponsor a survivor’s healing journey, covering the costs associated with the 12-week counselling program, amounting to £4,000 per journey.

But this campaign is more than just financial support; it’s about building a community of compassion and understanding. We invite corporates to become advocates for change within their organisations by raising awareness and engaging employees in fundraising activities for JAAR.

In return for financial support, JAAR offers corporates the opportunity to further their commitment to supporting survivors by providing tailored CPD training for team members, empowering them to become Support Ambassadors within their organisations. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of survivors of sexual abuse. Join us in creating a safer and more supportive environment where survivors are empowered to heal and thrive.

Explore how you can get involved in “The Survivor’s 4K Path: Empowerment Through Healing” campaign today.

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Donations can also be made by making a payment to the following Bank Account:

Bank Account Name: Jersey Action Against Rape

Bank Account No.: 68296468

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